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About Us

Respiratory Maintenance Inc.  
Who we are

RMI was incorporated in 1989 with the goal of simplifying biomedical equipment service.

We are based in Overland Park KS and service biomed equipment, locally and in hospitals nationwide.

What we do

For the last 26 years we've focused on making the service of biomedical equipment easy. 

We specialize in an array respiratory equipment such as blenders, respirators and ventalators.

What we offer

Our focus on simplicity means that we are one of the few biomedical companies that offer in-hospital service for blender overhaul. This means that equipment down time can be just hours instead of days and without the hassle of shipping.


No more shipping, no more packing and no more waiting to get all your blenders up to joint commission standards. 


We also overhaul and repair equipment in our Overland Park Office if in-hospital service is not an option.

Have an addtional question? 

We work with biomed departments every day designing service plans that keep their equipment up to spec.


Contact us if you have any questions, would like a quote or need help designing a service plan.

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